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Ive done you a 5 card reading, in the shape of a cross, position 1 on the cross at west if like, you will relate to things you want to accomplish, postion 2, which is east, relates to your home life, postion 4 at north is unexpected events, postion 4 at south is your role in these events, and finally at the centre is outcome.

The first card if the 7 of cups, cups are all about feelings and emotions, the 7 of cups is very much about a question for emotional well being and harmony, however, when you look at this card you see a person staring into a pool of water at the many cups within, yet they seem totally oblivious to the full cup beside them, this is something you need to consider when you move forward in your life, be aware that you have some good things going for you already, don't forget them.

The 2nd card is about home, this is the Prince of cups, this is a very emotionally charged card, full of feeling. Which would suggest that perhaps things are a little turbulent at home, the prince holds a cup up, but his clothes are ragged, a bit like having a party whilst the guests are rowing in the kitchen, it would seem to say to me that underlying issues are not being addressed and are if you consider the previous card, being glossed over by a search for something better.

The third card is the nine of cups, this is related to unexpected events, but it is reversed, so whilst it is normally about enjoying the fruits of your labours, what we actually seem to have here is a situation where something is either blocking or going to occur where you cannot or will not be able to see what you have in front of you, everything seems like a negative, or that it sours your triumphs, perhaps you need to stop and smell the roses rather the horse manure.

The fourth card is your role, it is the 10 of pentacle, it very much is about being happy and enjoying what you have. And considering the other cards, it would suggest that perhaps if you take time to sit back and look at the goood things then good things will happen, its about being postive and looking at what you have around you, not all of us are meant to "be" somebody to anybody else than those that love us, and being somebody is subjective.

The final card is about the outcome, it is the Queen of wands reversed, the Queen of wands is a firey action card, its all about management and leadership, but it is reversed, I would suggest that the best outcome for you and yours perhaps involves a less proactive, driven approach, maybe take some time to sit back and see what the fates provide.
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As I have previously mentioned, I have a real issue with Letting Go, be it arguments, slights, horrible behaviour, habits, friendships, whatever. It is definitely a work in progress to get over that part of me.

Another issue that I have is that I can't bear feeling trapped by circumstance or by people. Which when you are living a fairly normal life (marriage, 2.4 kids etc) is a problem since you are intrinsically trapped in a domestic web of your own making.

I also find I am a confusing mix of wanting/needing validation in certain areas of my life, when not giving a flying fuck about other's opinions in the rest of it.

I am very aware that this is part hormonal, part lunar, and part time of the year, (I need some SUNSHINE dammit!), but I feel very stifled at the moment, socially, financially, in every area of my life. And I know from past experience this is Not A Good Thing.

I need to reconcile some parts of me with the life that I have chosen to lead.  I hope it doesn't hurt as much as it could do.
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I have a real problem with Letting Go. I will remember slights, arguments, negative comments, all that crap that in the long run, and serious emotional baggage. I would rather not. I remember things I have done wrong and what others have done wrong to me, and often unbidden they come into my head and I dwell for too long on them.

I know on an intellectual level that I need to stop it, and really Let Go of it all, and I know how to do it in theory. However on an emotional and practical level I have a really hard time doing it, and usually it doesn't work.

I am conscious that there is a box of all that pent up irritation, and while I try really hard to sit on it, and keep it in there, bits and pieces come sliding out. I know that I probably need to pull it all out, and examine it for what it really is and deal with it properly, but I haven't yet.

I need to work out why I keep hold of it all, rather than sending it all away for good.  I really need to Let Go.


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