Nov. 19th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Where are You in this modern world?
Do I look for You in the rose-tinted echos of the past?
Are You the names that have gone before me?
Am I struggling to hold onto what cannot be grasped?
SHE, the Unknown is calling my name.
SHE, the Unseen is waiting to be found
SHE, the Ineffable is watching me open my eyes
SHE is offering it all if only I look around.
CREATRIX, ignored and forgotten
I feel you move the Universe.
My Heart calls and my Soul answers
I long to be free from Society's Curse.
My screams go unheard by others in this world.
But a Wild Woman moves within me.
My intentions are forming, clear and true.
GODDESS you show me the Wild Woman I should be.
I dance to your heartbeat.
Joy lifts my feet.
Music only my ears hear moves me and I open my arms to hold you,
Dancing Our Spirits meet.
You are my All, My Everything, Inspired by the past, formed in reality, Your strength is mine to share.
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You Leave Me 
You came, a wind that knocked me off my feet.
Feathers ruffled, emotions stirred,
You gave me a look that unlocked my spirit.
A friendship formed, secrets were shared and my life brightened.
Now you leave me alone. 

Lives go on, they always must.
You go to start anew
My jealousy is not of reason.
A new beginning, a life completely fresh.
You leave me alone. 

I had you in my heart for a year
Will you still be there forever?
A pain that aches, that I cannot share
No one to tell, not even you.
You leave me alone.


Emo Poems

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:55 am
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Comfortable Prison of my own making,
Wondering at what I could be forsaking.
Lost within the circuit of my mind,
Looking for treasure that I am sure that I will never find.
Limits and temptations surround me,
What if I have never been free? 
I have crowned myself with virtue and responsibility.
That little girl who is pretending to be me.
Watch her as she courts disaster,
Is she destroying all to be her own master?
Games that she plays, toys that she breaks,
Watch me as I fall into these obvious mistakes. 
Does familiarity breed contempt?
One love lost as another is spent.
My heart is yours but is it still mine?
Is this right? I ask the divine.
My tears have yet to fall down a repentant face.
Maybe my prison is the right place?

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Spinning around,
Confusion abounds
My head in a whirl
I am such a girl! 
You smile
At me
My heart leaps a mile
You touch
My face
And my senses feel too much. 
I listen as you talk,
Watching as you walk.
I wish that there could be more,
Like it was the time before. 
Time moves along
I need to be strong
All I have are emotions
And some really stupid notions…

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People around me,
This space is my own
A feeling I thought I had forgotten
Now I am alone. 
You came back into my life
I should have been a different me.
For the girl you left, and the woman you have found
Is no longer free 
Questions I am asking
Is this the only way?
Worlds and lives would collapse around me
I can do nothing else, but stay. 
What you offer I cannot have
Wanting it so much is just not on.
Deluding myself is not an option
What we once might have had is now over and gone.

The choices that we make

The things that we forsake.
All that glitters is not gold
Does that matter when all else has got old? 
Misery loves company
I wonder is that me?
My stupidity has no limits
As I pull my perfect life to bits. 
What is perfection?
Is it all it is cracked up to be?
When does the compromise become too much?
If I can have it all for just one touch. 

Do you see me? 
I stand next to you and you move away.
I look at you and you look right through me.
I touch your face, and you brush away a fly.
I speak and you don’t listen to my words.
Do you see me as I look into your eyes?
Do you care when the tears run down my face?
All at once I feel insignificant,
An invisible girl in her invisible world. 
I must have turned around and lost you
But I didn’t see you leave.
Was I not paying attention?
That you felt you had to go. 
I don’t know all the answers
I don’t know what to do.
I feel empty in your company
And I wonder how to move. 
Do I step away and leave you?
Do I stay and take control?
Is this what I have left on offer,
A place in this home with no heart?


Randomness, the thoughts that run round my head,
Unchained unfettered, unrestrained, and unruly.
Emotions are on a knife-edge, willing things to happen,
But the knowledge that it might not be the best plan.
A life unknown, a path untried.
Unbidden, you call me. I yearn to move towards you,
Not knowing whether I will fall to my death.
Am I dying anyway?
Yet surely, my life’s passion drains away,
As my heart aches for one I cannot have. 
I try so hard to be aloof and alone,
The friend you need, no more no less.
You hold my heart; yet don’t know you touch it.
Should I let you know my soul’s secrets?
I long to be held in your arms, safe and true.
Pretence I might be able to play.
I look into your eyes; I see it there,
I want to touch you, hold you, and love you.
I can take your pain, your woes, make the bad dreams go away.
But I am too scared to move.






Emo Poetry

Nov. 9th, 2009 10:34 am
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Here follows some Emo poetry written by yours truly back in the day.

I can't promise that it is very good, sorry...

Light glitters in a darkened room. 
Whispered words not heard before.

My lightest touch seems to have new meaning
A heart beats faster, is it yours or mine? 
Thoughts go round in circles,
Never ending, never fading.

Questioning and unforgiving.
Relentless emotions swamp my existence.  
Is love fading, as love grows?
A woman’s failure to make sense of her world
An age-old question that can never be answered.
The futility of trying seems to be all there is. 
Did I surrender too soon?
What options were there for me to take?
Is indecision my only answer
And confusion my only result? 
I see your clear dark eyes,
They might hold the key to happiness.
But is this all just fool’s gold,
Glittering in a darkened room?




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