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Nov. 29th, 2010 09:03 pm
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 A Mongrel Witch.

I would love to say I follow an ethnically correct tradition, but quite frankly wtf would that be? My heritage is English, Welsh, Irish, possibly a bit of Scots with a hefty dose of Bangladeshi...

My mum was born in London, not one mile away from where she was born.
My dad was born in Birmingham.
My mum's mum was born in Leicester
My mum's dad was born in London (I think) His mum was Welsh. His dad was Irish.
My dad's mum? The Midlands (I think there is more Irish there)
My dad's dad would have been the bit of India that became East Pakistan (1947), that become Bangladesh (1971).

Does that mean I can pick and choose which Celtic Witchery I like, and add in a big dose of Islamic mysticism. (And/or Hinduism?) If I go back far enough in my British history, since I have ancestors from the North, will there be Viking blood? Should I add in Norse Asatru?

It literally makes my head ache.

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Some crap happened to us over the weekend. Nothing really that serious, just nasty. I posted about it elsewhere, and had a comment about how I shouldn't do anything about it, that Karma would sort it out, etc, etc... Then on another forum I am on, said poster asked the community "Is there a place for retaliation magic in Goddess Spirituality?

Nemesis, Erinyes, Durga, Kali, The Morrighan, Arianrhod all suggest to me that there is a place for this kind of magick and I personally think it is quite blinkered to feel that there aren't times and situations when action and response is required that perhaps isn't as "nice" as people would like it to be. The idea that this propagates misery, Badness, and all things horrible is very simplistic and doesn't take into account that sometimes Not Nice things should to be done. There is a reason why Revenge Is Best Served Cold. It means that it should be thought through, all pros and cons considered, all repercussions and consequences realised and then the decision is made whether to follow through.

I can do it, and I will do it if I have to.

I agree with a lot of what The Witch of Forest Grove
has to say about it.
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I have had enough. The big guns are coming out. Tomorrow night's full moon will see me magicking my socks off to get the situation with Rick* sorted. I have had enough of him being lied to, fobbed off, demoralised, demeaned, and generally made to feel like shite. He has done absolutely nothing wrong. He has held himself with dignity, and totally has the moral high ground in this situation.

He is slogging himself sick to get the situation sorted, when none of it is his responsibility, just that it has a massive impact on him and his family.

I have done mild workings, trying to push things in the right direction, but what has come to light over the last few days has meant that I am now Getting Involved. I can't go in and smack a few "heads" (Hahahaha), but I can do it on the Astral.

Forget this love and light bollocks. [personal profile] disenchantedenchantress  is Very Unhappy, and Very Angry. I will Play Nice no longer.

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There is theme going round the pagan blogsphere to post up about pagan ethics. Lots of them have made interesting reading. I can't promise that mine will be that interesting though. Sorry.

Although a lot of people think I am everso liberal, I do have ethics. They might not be what other people agree with, but they aren mine. They have little to do with Paganism. I personally feel that I would have the same ethics if I wasn't pagan. (However, if I was a Fundie Christian, I imagine some of them would be a bit different! :P )

My ethics are as follows

Thou shalt use your brain and clear up thy own shit.

And that's it.

I suppose I should explain this a bit. It encompasses a lot.
  • Don't mess up the environment, as you aren't the only one using it. And why should my children and my childrens' children have to clear up your shit?
  • Take responsibilty for your actions. You did it, you deal with it. Whether that be good or bad. If you have wronged someone, then so be it. Sort it out and make it better.
  • If sometimes your intentions aren't the purest, deal with it. Don't make excuses. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it, and if it all goes horribly wrong, make sure you can deal with the consequences.
  • Listen to what others tell you, but just because someone says it's true, doesn't make it so.
It's all about taking responsibility for yourself. Since you are the only person you can truly be responsible for. We are responsible TO others, but not for. We have a responsibilty to our children to bring them up safe, healthy and sane.

Paganism to me, isn't about rules and restrictions. No thou shalt not, and if you do, you are eternally screwed. There is no Higher Power looking at you, wagging a finger. The PTBs give us the choice to choose. Sometimes I don't think it is the choice that is the important thing, it is the choosing.


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