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Aug. 11th, 2010 06:45 pm
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 I went to a Moon Lodge last night.

What is a Moon Lodge?

A women's Moon Lodge is a special place where women may take a little time out during their time of menstruation or 'moontime'. When they gather together at this time they honour this special time of cleansing and renewal. At one's moontime it is beneficial to take time out from the normal duties and pressures of day to day life, from work, from running the home, but unfortunately, in modern times it is difficult to do this. In times past, and today still in eastern countries, women during their monthly cycle were taken out of the village and cared for in a special place, where they could rest and honour their femininity. Sharing this time with other women, with no day to day pressures, women find that PMT/PMS is greatly reduced. But, in the modern west women are expected to carry on as normal, with little understanding or support from family, doctors or their employers.

Women's Moontime was traditionally a sacred time when she was honoured as a Mother of the Creative Force. This was a time of cleansing and renewal, when old energy was released, and new fertile energy was given from the Earth Mother. At one time everyone, including men, honoured this sacred time as it was understood that women were the carriers of fertility and abundance. With the coming of the patriarchal era of the last 2000 years, women's powerfulness of this moontime was seen as a threat, and the honour they were given was withdrawn as people began to view the moontime as a time of uncleanliness, or even as 'a monthly curse'. In some eastern cultures, although women are still allowed their space and time away from home in a caring environment, they are separated because they are seen as being unclean. They are not allowed to cook for their family in case others are contaminated. It is such a sad turnaround. It is only more recently that people have become more open to the occurrence of the menstrual cycle, and with the arrival of the new matriarchal era, women are at last being able to regain their power and speak truly about their moontime.

(Taken from

Since in these modern times, it is quite rare for women's cycles to be in sync with the Moon, or with each other (unless living together) the decision was made to hold this particular Moon Lodge every New Moon. 

It was a diverse group of women, and ranged in age. The only male energy in the room were from the rather phallic Talking Stick, and the wandering in and outs from the host's cat! 

It was a Sacred place to speak out Truth, and all that was said was For This Place and Time Only. We discussed Abundance and the women that had been to the
Goddess Conference spoke of their experiences there. 

I hope to get there as often as I can.

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My wedding anniversary is the 1st of August. Which is also Lughnahsah.

My wedding was very much a day of mixed emotions. On the morning of the wedding, my grandfather died. After 12 years, it doesn't quite hurt anymore, but both my husband and I occasionally talk about having another wedding/blessing/handfasting type thing, but so far we have never got round to it.

However this year, something finally clicked for me. It is almost like my grandad gave way to my then new husband. I know that sounds weird, (and possibly a bit wrong to some people). But the more I think of it, the more it makes sense to me. My husband is emotionally very similar to my grandad, and part of me wonders that once my grandad knew that I had a Good Man in my life (my dad has failed in that role if I am brutally honest), he knew that he could move on.

Whether I am right or wrong, it does make me feel a bit better about it all.
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A green baby Grasshopper crawled/jumped onto my Midsummer Altar. I didn't manage to get very good photos of it.

The symbolism of Grasshopper is this.

"The grasshopper is a fabulous messenger of ingenuity, resourcefulness, joy and honor. She speaks to artists, and inspires dance, song, and music.

Further, the grasshopper is considered a good luck symbol in Japanese culture. Further, it’s a good luck charm as well as a symbol of fertility among Chinese symbolic language.

The grasshopper’s coloring is significant. For instance, green grasshoppers indicate fresh starts (new beginnings), as well as the concepts of youth, rejuvination, sentimentality, nature, adventure, growth and health."
Found here,

The Story of the First Grasshopper.
Im a country that is far away there once lived a young man called Tithonus. He was strong and beautiful. Light of heart and light of foot, he hunted the deer or danced and sang the livelong day. Every one who saw him loved him, but the one that loved him most was a goddess named Aurora.
Every goddess had her own work, but the work of Aurora was most beautiful of all, for she was the goddess of the morning. It was she who went out to meet the sun and to light up his pathway. She watched. over the flowers, and whenever they saw her coming, their colors grew brighter. She loved everything beautiful, and that is why she loved Tithonus.
"Many a year have I roamed through this country," she said to herself, "but never have I seen such bright blue eyes as those. O fairest of youths," she cried, "who are you? Some name should be yours that sounds like the wind in the pine-trees, or like the song of a bird among the first blossoms."
The young man fell upon his knees before her. "I know well," said he, "that you are no maiden of the earth. You are a goddess come down to us from the skies. I am but a hunter, and I roam through the forest looking for deer."
"Come with me, fairest of hunters," said Aurora. "Come with me to the home of my father. You shall live among my brothers and hunt with them, or go with me at the first brightness of the morning to carry light and gladness to the flowers."

So it was that Tithonus went away from his own country and his own home to live in the home of Aurora.

For a long time they were happy together, but one day Aurora said, "Tithonus, I am a goddess, and so I am immortal, but some day death will bear you away from me. I will ask the father of the gods that you too may be immortal."
Then Aurora went to the king of the gods and begged that he would make Tithonus immortal.
"Sometimes people are not pleased even when I have given them what they ask," replied the king, "so think well before you speak."
"I have only one wish," said Aurora, "and it is that Tithonus, the fairest of youths, shall be immortal."
"You have your wish," said the king of the gods, and again Tithonus and Aurora roamed happily together through forest and field.
One day Tithonus asked, "My Aurora, why is it that I cannot look straight into your eyes as once I did?" Another day he said, "My Aurora, why is it that I cannot put my hand in yours as once I did?"
Then the goddess wept sorrowfully. "The king of the gods gave me what I asked for," she wailed, "and I begged that you should be immortal. I did not remember to ask that you should be always young."
Every day Tithonus grew older and smaller. "I am no longer happy in your father's home," he said, "with your brothers who are as beautiful and as strong as I was when I first saw you. Let me go back to my own country. Let me be a bird or an insect and live in the fields where we first roamed together. Let me go, dearest goddess."

"You shall do as you will," replied Aurora sadly. "You shall be a grasshopper, and whenever I hear the grasshopper's clear, merry song, I shall remember the happy days when we were together."

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The phone rings and I answer. "Hello" I hear a familiar voice say. The voice fills me with joy for a brief moment, and then an icy chill runs down my spine. It is Nana. Except my Nana has been dead for the past 2 years. She says she is lost and not sure where our house is, and as I look out the window I see her wandering around aimlessly.

She finally comes to the door, and I am hesitant to let her in. My uncle is there, as well as my mother, and they are both as freaked out as I am. We all know it can't be her, as she is dead. However someone (not me) lets her into the house.

The minute she steps over the threshold, I know it isn't her. It is Not Her. It is Something Else. Not Right. Evil.

It leers at me in the form of my darling grandmother. I know it is just an image of her, Nana would not come back, why would she? She has Moved On.

We have to get rid of It. I set up a Protective Circle, with all my loved ones inside. It sneers and grimaces at me, and tells me I am doing it wrong. I tell It to fuck off to where-ever It came from. It laughs at me and tells me I do not have to power to command it.  This scares me, but I am buggered if I am going to show It my fear.

Scary stuff happens and I wake up. (It wasn't nice)

This dream scared the crap out of me. Had to wake up the Hubs for a cuddle before I could get out of bed. Even in the dream I knew my nana wouldn't come back even for a visit after death as she would have better things to do!

The entity was horrid. And the fact that it was telling me I couldn't get rid of it was freaking me out. (Although even in the dream, I think I knew I could get rid of it) Unfortunately I woke up before I could complete it. (Which bothers me somewhat!)


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Russell Simmons

The pain that's created by avoiding hard work is actually much worse than any pain created from the actual work itself. Because if you don't begin to work on those ideas that God(dess*) has blessed you with, they will become stagnant inside of you and eventually begin to eat away at you. You might seem OK on the outside, but inside you will be ill from not getting those ideas out of your heart and into the world. Stalling leads to sickness. But taking steps, even baby steps, always leads to success.

*my addition
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I am notoriously bad at Dream Journalling. I have been trying to work out what is stopping me exactly, and I have come to an interesting conclusion. I have really really bad eyesight. My glasses sit on the bedside table, and if they are moved in the night, or not put in the same place as normal, I can't see them to know where they are.

However, to see a pen and something to write on, I have to put my glasses on to see them. And the very act of putting my glasses on, signals to my brain that I need to wake up. (Whether it be to get up in the morning, or deal with the night-issues of children and pets.) So the very act of writing means that I have woken up past that state of coherantly remembering my dream properly. 

The only other option is to get a mini recorder and talk into that.  But would that disturb the Other Half as he sleeps?  Dream Journalling is something that I want to get into properly, so I may give it ago.

Actually my mobile phone has a voice recorder on it. Doh! Well, that saves me some money!
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Yay to the Sunshine!

I haven't blogged on here for a while now. I should have done. Not blogging on here is a symptom of not doing much in other areas of my life. I am not even finding myself excuses for not being on here, I am just not on here.

Beltane is tomorrow/Saturday, and I may for a change celebrate tomorrow evening, as Saturday is my husband's birthday.

Am feeling a bit in a funk at the moment though. Then I realised that it's that TOTM next week. My moodiness is not as bad as it can be, but things do get on my nerves a great deal more when I have PMT.

(Gods, this is boring!)

I am thinking of doing this course, The Apple Branch - An English Shamanism course I need to do something to get my creative and intellectual juices flowing again, and as Little Miss Procrastinate here can't manage to do anything in an unstructured manner, perhaps the structure of an actual course would be a benefit.

I keep reminding myself of all the things I have and am grateful for. Some days I am better at it than others.

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Ive done you a 5 card reading, in the shape of a cross, position 1 on the cross at west if like, you will relate to things you want to accomplish, postion 2, which is east, relates to your home life, postion 4 at north is unexpected events, postion 4 at south is your role in these events, and finally at the centre is outcome.

The first card if the 7 of cups, cups are all about feelings and emotions, the 7 of cups is very much about a question for emotional well being and harmony, however, when you look at this card you see a person staring into a pool of water at the many cups within, yet they seem totally oblivious to the full cup beside them, this is something you need to consider when you move forward in your life, be aware that you have some good things going for you already, don't forget them.

The 2nd card is about home, this is the Prince of cups, this is a very emotionally charged card, full of feeling. Which would suggest that perhaps things are a little turbulent at home, the prince holds a cup up, but his clothes are ragged, a bit like having a party whilst the guests are rowing in the kitchen, it would seem to say to me that underlying issues are not being addressed and are if you consider the previous card, being glossed over by a search for something better.

The third card is the nine of cups, this is related to unexpected events, but it is reversed, so whilst it is normally about enjoying the fruits of your labours, what we actually seem to have here is a situation where something is either blocking or going to occur where you cannot or will not be able to see what you have in front of you, everything seems like a negative, or that it sours your triumphs, perhaps you need to stop and smell the roses rather the horse manure.

The fourth card is your role, it is the 10 of pentacle, it very much is about being happy and enjoying what you have. And considering the other cards, it would suggest that perhaps if you take time to sit back and look at the goood things then good things will happen, its about being postive and looking at what you have around you, not all of us are meant to "be" somebody to anybody else than those that love us, and being somebody is subjective.

The final card is about the outcome, it is the Queen of wands reversed, the Queen of wands is a firey action card, its all about management and leadership, but it is reversed, I would suggest that the best outcome for you and yours perhaps involves a less proactive, driven approach, maybe take some time to sit back and see what the fates provide.
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Music, chocolate, vampire fiction, fantasy fiction, dogs, cats, babies, red, pink, purple, sparkles, glitter, fairies, paint, computers, internet, candles, fire, dragons, art, cakes, raspberries, kisses, long hot undisturbed baths, comfy shoes, sexy shoes, comfy bras and knickers, sexy bras and knickers. David Tennant, scifi, Dr Who. BBC, beer, wine, vodka (but not all at once) cooking, drawing, flowers, trees, bushes, muppets, freedom, reading, tattoos, rock festivals, summer evenings, barbeques,

This list shall be continued.
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I think I need to write this list and get it out that I am grateful for a lot of things. Yes, things are a bit shit at the moment, but I have to keep things into perspective, because if I don't, I will go stark raving bonkers and really, not in a good way.
  • I am grateful to my parents, particularly my mum for bringing me up to be the strong woman I am now.
  • I am grateful to my parents for having me and keeping me in the first place.
  • I am grateful for my husband and his love for me.
  • I am grateful for the blessed beings of my children in my life. The joy they bring me is beyond compare.
  • I am grateful that although we aren't rich in material things, we have enough to live in relative comfort.
  • I am grateful that we have a roof over our heads, even if it is cramped and messy.
  • I am grateful for my mind.
  • I am grateful for my female body.
  • I am grateful for the friends in my life that mean so much to me.
  • I am grateful for the magick in my life.
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Glaciers, Not St Patrick apparently.

It’s one of the most famous and enduring Irish myths.

This snake fears no holy man!

Legendary missionary St. Patrick is held to have chased all the snakes from the Emerald Isle after they attacked him during a holy fast.

St. Patrick’s expulsion of the snakes is one of his least revered feats. He earned his sainthood not by getting rid of creepy crawlers, but by converting the pagan islanders to Christianity in the fifth century AD. Nonetheless, it’s one of the more “fun” activities attributed to the patron saint of Ireland.

Now, stuffy pants scientists are ruining our St. Patricks day with their “reason” and “legitimate hypotheses backed by research and data”. According to them, Ireland is snake free because of an ice age, not a holy man.

Ireland is an anomaly. There’s no particular reason snakes shouldn’t exist there. The climate is similar to its snake filled neighbour England, but the island joins Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, and New Zealand as the only snake free places in the world.

Not only that, but the fossil record seems to suggest that snakes have never been there. According to Nigel Monaghan, keeper of natural history at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, “At no time has there ever been any suggestion of snakes in Ireland, so [there was] nothing for St. Patrick to banish.”

The scientific explanation for this is that Ireland was too cold for snakes. Until about 10,000 years ago, the most recent ice age would have made the island uninhabitable for the animals. As for the thousands of years after that, it’s thought that the cold seas surrounding Ireland would have kept it snake free.

Most places in Europe were free of snakes until the end of the most recent ice age. As glaciers retreated northwards snakes followed, reaching all the way up to the Arctic circle in some cases. The slithering reptiles were able to return to England as well. Until about 6,500 years ago the island was connected to the continent by a land bridge, while the bridge between England and Ireland had been swallowed by the sea two millennia before.

Snakes could have colonized Ireland in the period between the end of the ice age and the covering of the English/Irish land bridge, but wildlife experts say snakes had a few things working against them. While other species, like the boar and bear, made it across, the snake is not so adventurous. They are slow to colonize new areas, and the climate was still not particularly conducive to snakes in Ireland. The Irish must make do with only a single species of reptile these days, the common lizard.

So if St. Patrick did not rid Ireland of snakes, how did the legend come about? Most scholars believe the answer is rooted in Christian symbolism. The snake is a common symbol of evil in Judeo-Christian mythology, so to rid Ireland of snakes would be to symbolically rid it of evil. This could symbolize St. Patrick’s conversion of the island, ridding it of its evil pagan ways and replacing them with Christianity.

Info from National Geographic

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Certainly the worst beginning...My Hysterical Jugglings Blog- part 1 and then this, My Hysterical Jugglings Blog-part 2.

To say I am shellshocked would be an amazing understatement. I am wondering what to make of it all. I know we need to move out of here. A murder-suicide literally 8 foot away from us is very hard to get our heads round, and really do I want to get my head round it?

We MUST get out of here. I MUST find my calling, purpose, whatever you wanna call it. I can't take living here, like this anymore. But I don't want to take that step off the parapet and fall to my doom. (The way I am feeling at the moment is that I could get very very depressed, but I am conciously moving myself away from that ledge.)

I keep asking the Universe what it is trying to tell me, and I am trying to move towards what I think that is, but I am now wondering if I am just getting it very wrong. I am feeling very lost in the wilderness, and I just don't know what to do.

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There is the tiniest of possibilities that we may have the opportunity to move very very far away.  I am not saying more than that at the moment, until I have some news either way.

However it does get me thinking about if we did get out there, where would it take my Paganism and Witchcraft? As far as I am aware I would probably be The Only Witch In The Village, so where would that leave me?

Also, as far as Those Who Cannot Be Seen and The Powers That Be, well, the Islands have only be populated for the last 150 years or so by the British, and there are no indigenous people. (if there once were, they are long gone, and there is no sign that they were ever there.) So how do you develop a relationship with a completely new land, almost completely untouched by human hands?

Historically people have just taken their God/desses with them, and incorporated them into their new lives. But what of the indigenous spirits and landwights? Will the Fae be there?

I suppose really, this is something that I should think about more if we get to go, but still it makes me wonder...
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As I have previously mentioned, I have a real issue with Letting Go, be it arguments, slights, horrible behaviour, habits, friendships, whatever. It is definitely a work in progress to get over that part of me.

Another issue that I have is that I can't bear feeling trapped by circumstance or by people. Which when you are living a fairly normal life (marriage, 2.4 kids etc) is a problem since you are intrinsically trapped in a domestic web of your own making.

I also find I am a confusing mix of wanting/needing validation in certain areas of my life, when not giving a flying fuck about other's opinions in the rest of it.

I am very aware that this is part hormonal, part lunar, and part time of the year, (I need some SUNSHINE dammit!), but I feel very stifled at the moment, socially, financially, in every area of my life. And I know from past experience this is Not A Good Thing.

I need to reconcile some parts of me with the life that I have chosen to lead.  I hope it doesn't hurt as much as it could do.
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Well, I didn't, but I have had a stinky cold this week, so things I wanted to do didn't happen. However, Husband who has been saying that he wants to do more, be more involved, and generally be more spiritual with me also didn't do anything. Mainly because I didn't do anything. So once again, I am the instigator of all that happens here. 

Yes, that is slightly unfair and possibly uncalled for, but that's how I feel right now.
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3 - the Gardener
Sensuality, creativity, abundance

It is a time of great fertile and abundant opportunities for you. You are pregnant with new creations — an art form, a book, a project, even a baby. You embody both the nurturing Mother and the sensual Lover. You are a steward of the land when you plant, weed and nourish your garden in a sustainable manner. At harvest time, you offer the best possible of all foods to those whom you love. You are a hard worker, but you take great delight in the scent of lavender fields on a hot summer day and the dizzying riot of color, shapes and textures in the garden. You love your own body; you love your mate, your children, your friends, your community; you love the natural world around you. Your appetite for connection, sensuality and creativity seems boundless. The people around you are blessed to have you in their lives.
9 - the Hermit
Sacred solitude

You are being challenged to spend time in sacred solitude. You need to withdraw from the world to focus on your inner life and spirituality. Perhaps you have been wounded in the "wars of the world," or perhaps you are fatigued and empty from putting out so much energy, especially if you are a caregiver. Your well is empty and it needs to be filled. Take some time out for a retreat. Go away to the mountains or the sea, by yourself, without partner or friends. Spend time outside in nature, observing the changes in your environment day by day. Your inner wisdom and sense of well-being will grow effortlessly the more time you spend outside. When you once again enter community life, others will be drawn to the light they see inside you and may come to you for guidance. For part of your purpose is to share what you've learned with others.
2 - the High Priestess
Dreams, voices and visions

Resolution comes through intuition and going within. Pay close attention to your dreams, as they may carry potent messages for you. Let your intuition flow. Listen for the subtext in the words of others; hear the words they don't speak out loud. Watch for synchronicities and omens in your everyday life. Study the "dark arts" of divination — reading the cards, astrology, scrying, interpreting dreams. Listen for voices in the wind, look for patterns in the clouds. Meditate. Study the language of symbol and myth. At the dark of the moon, or when your wise blood flows, listen to the still small voice within. It is Her voice, and it speaks of mysteries, secrets, and truth.

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Using The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud

It is time to accept change, to move on to the next phase. Power and strength in the present and future come from releasing the past. This is a time of liberation, and we might as well cooperate with it. It will happen, whether we want it to or not. Release and liberation may be painful or joyful, depending on the circumstances. Cry if you need to, be joyful if that is appropriate, but in either case trust the process, acknowledge what you feel, and prepare to move on.


Ultimately, Lys is trying to help people develop true self-respect and self-esteem, but she has to start much further down the scale of idealism than that. She tries to inspire practical help for those who need it most. She is the inspiration for the first wobbly steps taken toward healing by a damaged soul. Her presence in a reading indicates that something that had seemed lost and fixed in that loss is now open to healing. Someone is ready to begin, with help, the climb out of the inner mire. There is hope here, and a need for loving kindness tempered by practicality. If you call upon Lys for assistance in helping another, she will always give it, often by encouraging them to be receptive and others to also be helpful. She always has time to support those who have time for others.



Epona's Wild Daughter, Dorcha, is the sphinx, whose riddles must be answered lest we otherwise be destroyed by our own internal conflicts. Dorcha reminds us that we cannot go forward until we have faced something buried within us that is holding us back. Her presence in a reading tells us that finding and working through this is a task of some urgency. We can expect help in this from other people, from the faeries, and from our dreams, but we must be open to these difficult questions and answers and be ready to face things about ourselves that are not as we would wish them to be. She urges us to heal the unresolved issues about who we really are and what we truly want to be. This is part of the required course in Self Transformation 101 that we are all enrolled in here on Planet Earth. The answers to her riddles often come in a sudden burst of enlightenment, like the 'solution' to a Zen koan. We may watch a leaf fall or catch a glimpse of the tiny sliver of the new moon in the sky and suddenly be hit by the answer. Before that happens, we usually work long and hard upon the question, searching and digging for an answer. The realization, when we really have it, will be transformative; we will no longer be the people that we once were. You don't like this interpretation? Well, I have been telling you all along that we (you and I and everyone else) will all receive varying messages from the faeries in the cards. Yours may well differ from mine. Ask Dorcha what message she has for you--and don't be surprised if her answer is another question or riddle. She and I both wish you well in solving it with all our hearts.

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I have a real problem with Letting Go. I will remember slights, arguments, negative comments, all that crap that in the long run, and serious emotional baggage. I would rather not. I remember things I have done wrong and what others have done wrong to me, and often unbidden they come into my head and I dwell for too long on them.

I know on an intellectual level that I need to stop it, and really Let Go of it all, and I know how to do it in theory. However on an emotional and practical level I have a really hard time doing it, and usually it doesn't work.

I am conscious that there is a box of all that pent up irritation, and while I try really hard to sit on it, and keep it in there, bits and pieces come sliding out. I know that I probably need to pull it all out, and examine it for what it really is and deal with it properly, but I haven't yet.

I need to work out why I keep hold of it all, rather than sending it all away for good.  I really need to Let Go.
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Complacency isn't something that I am proud of, but we are all probably guilty of it on occasions. I have been following reports of the so-called Witch Killings that are happening around the world,

They horrify me, sadden me and scare me. But only to a certain extent. Over here in the UK, we feel safe and cosy in our civilised world.

And then from Hecate's Blog I read this, Killer Son stabbed "Witch" Mother 21 times. This is up the road from my parents' home. Okay, yes, the man was a paranoid schizophrenic, but where do the excuses stop?

Where are the Churches denouncing such atrocities? Why is it just the Pagans who are standing up and shouting WTF? Why aren't the leaders of the faith that these deluded and monstrous people belong to actively distancing themselves from those ministers who condone such activities?

They just sit in the ivory towers.


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