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 I will be moving to somewhere quite remote in the next few months. It has the population of around THREE Thousand people. (3000!) As far as I aware, pre 150 years ago there were very few settlements that lasted that long, and before that, there is even less information, but some archaeological evidence that may suggest that some local indigenous Patagonians may have visited it.

However looking into Patagonian religious history and folk magic is pretty difficult. Especially since I don't speak Spanish. There seems to be little or no reference to the Islands. So where does that leave me on a magickal point of view?

I have asked around and got a few interesting responses, some of which are more helpful than others, but less imput that I thought I would get. It ranges from "there must be something, so look harder" to "feel your way around".

TBH, I expect I will be doing most things that people have suggested, (most, as one or two weren't particularly helpful). I intend to "Walk The Land" and try and get a feel of the presence there. The coastline reminds me a great deal of the northern parts of Scotland (think The Wicker Man :P) and the marine wildlife really does fit, well apart from penguins. I keep wondering if they have Selkies there, but I don't want to be imposing folklore from other cultures onto it. Although again, saying that, the population is pretty much of British origin, so localised customs would have been brought over in the first place. 

They have a May Day Ball, and do Halloween. Unfortunately for a southern hemisphere country, the dates don't fit. So I will have to get used to celebrating the seasons when the date is telling me otherwise. Particularly as these festivals have been taken over by the Christianised equivalents which are celebrated by date. (And it will be very odd celebrating certain birthdays in the Summer.) I see this as a bonus in some ways though as it gives me the opportunity to move away from the Christian holidays and make little or no fuss about them. 

I have the suspicion that I may well be The Only Witch In The Village which will be an adventure in itself. I do realise that there is a danger of me completely slacking off and I really don't want that to happen. I intend to be more open about my beliefs than I am here, since being 85 00 miles away from the out-laws, it is unlikely they will hear about it. I am not going to be in their faces about it, since that really isn't me, but I do want to take the opportunity to be more authentic and less scared about everyone knowing.

So yeah, my adventure (and that Change that the cards have been banging on about for ages) looks like it is finally starting to happen.


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